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Diatomaceous Earth information

Applications for Diatomaceous Earth
Wilkipedia’s history and applications of use for DE. Discusses the various industrial uses of Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth Benefts
Global Healing Center presents interesting information on uses of Diatomaceous Earth.

Diatomaceous Earth To Kill Bed Bugs
How to use Diatomaceous Earth to kill bed bugs.

How To Kill Bed Bugs
An article about getting rid of bed bugs.

Natural Pest Control Uses of Diatomaceous Earth
Mother Earth discusses natural pest control using Diatomaceous Earth.

USDA Update on DE
Studies on Diatomaceous Earth for use in various types of natural pest control.

Livestock Science
An article about DE’s ability to remove bacteria from the small intestines of piglets. Also mentions it decreased yeast and increased the number of lactobacilli in the small intestine.

CureZone Forum
Discussions on DE by actual users as a natural way to remove parasites from humans. Very graphic descriptions.

Benefits of Silica
Discusses the many health benefits of Silica, which is one of the main components in Diatomaceous Earth.

Bacterial Filters
A study from 1916 that tells how silica attracts and removes bacteria. This explains why DE is effective in water filtration.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?
An article discussing the history of Perma Guard brand Diatomaceous Earth, it’s history and many uses.

The Mineral Zone explains more uses for Diatomaceous Earth.

Fresh Water Food Grade DE
A blog with great info on food grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Official Statement that Perma Guard is Non GMO
Material Safety Data Sheet for Fossil Shell Flower

Diatomaceous Earth information