Diatomaceous Earth FAQs

I thought Diatomaceous Earth was dangerous to breathe or ingest?

There are different grades of Diatomaceous Earth and many are dangerous. Never ingest or inhale crystalline Diatomaceous Earth for pools or products used for pest control that may contain other chemicals.
Diatomaceous Earth FAQS
Perma-Guard DE or Fossil Shell Flour is food grade and certified as organic. It has been approved as a food additive for grain storage. As the product is added to grains before they are processed, it does not have to be added to the ingredients on the label after processing.
Made from amorphous silica, it contains less than one half percent of crystalline silica. While inhaling anything into the lungs is not a good idea, Perma-Guard DE is the consistancy of flour and about as irritating as road dust. As always, use reasonable care handling any fine powder to avoid inhalation. Used as directed by the label, we believe that Perma-Guard DE is the highest quality DE available.

What can I use Diatomaceous Earth for?

Diatomaceous Earth Questions
There are many reported uses for DE. We recommend you do your own research to see if Diatomaceous Earth would be beneficial. Always let your veterinarian or health care professional know if you are using any supplement on your pets or yourself.

How does Diatomaceous Earth work as natural pest control and flea control?

It works by a mechanical action in which the DE dries the waxy protective covering that protects the exoskeletal system of insects. If the product comes into contact with the insect, death is certain but not usually quick. Either food grade DE may be used or DE containing other chemicals that lure insects. Diatomaceous Earth is an efficient and cost effective way of killing insects like roaches, fleas, bed bugs or any insect with an external skeletal system. Safe to use on pets.

While we carry both food grade Diatomaceous Earth and the grade used for pest control, some of our customers with children or pets, prefer to use the food grade DE for natural pest control even though it may take a bit longer to work.

Diatomaceous Earth FAQs